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Why Choose Me...

Hi, my name is Erin. I am the Original Dreamer behind Dreamer Events. Thanks for stopping in to see more about what we over here at Dreamer Events can do to help make your Event Stress Free, Memorable and oh so Dreamy!

Little did I know that my passion for people, my creative nature and my knack for organizing gatherings would lead me to venture out on my own. I truly enjoy working with people from all walks of life, sharing and learning from them and being a part of their story. I am a hardworking go-getter, who cares deeply for the intimate details. You’ll never find me just sitting around. Even with my creative brain always at work, I LOVE checklists and floor plans and getting it done with order in mind. You'll come to find I enjoy dreaming outside the creative box and bringing it to beautiful reality. I am fresh and yet still holding true to the classics in my designs. I am a passionate, caring and committed woman!

Whether large or small I just love events.

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I grew up in the Pacific Northwest where I met my husband and we began our family. Today we have three kiddos and a Gold Retriever fur baby. We have been calling the Treasure Valley home since 2014. And, there is no where else we love to be.

I have been blessed to stay at home and enjoy the little and big moments with my children. With our children being older I now have the opportunity to explore my passions further in the Event Industry. Running my own business has provided me the opportunity to remain home for my family when needed but also I get to create and engage in other peoples lives. The joys of small business ownership!

Life’s a journey and I am excited to see what’s around the corner.

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