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Hi, I am Erin, Owner and Lead Planner & Designer

While growing up in and around the Pacific NW for a majority of my life, there is no place and community like the Treasure Valley. My family and I have considered Boise to be home since 2014 (Even with our brief stint in Williamsburg, VA).

I have the amazing opportunity to fully serve my clients, but still be able to love on my family with the time and flexibility my job provides. My clients get to benefit from this flexibility with nights and weekend meeting options. Bringing you the care you deserve on a more flexible schedule you need.

Having a passion for my clients and making sure that they get to enjoy the whole process is a top priority. Because it is not just about a day, it is about the lives you are building together, the community we have, and the opportunity to celebrate all aspects of life, love and our families. All levels of care will be provided in this process. With the knowledge and expertise we provide to our clients having been rooted in this industries community for many years.

I have been in the Events Industry for over 8 years professionally. But before this time you could find me on many church and non-profit committees, both around our community and at my children's school PTA projects. Realizing I could probably make this a career was the Ultimate WIN, WIN!

Hi, I am Matt,  Assistant & Crew Member

I am not only a very proud husband to my wife Erin! But, I also get to enjoy helping and serving our Clients on wedding day. Whether that is as an Assistant on away weddings or being the heavy lifter of items to help support the team during set up and take down. Whatever I am doing I am enjoying every moment and look forward to meeting you!


Hi, I am Madelon, Day-Of Coordinator and Assistant

My husband and I have an amazing family with 3 kiddos. Now that my kids are getting older I have the opportunity to dive back into the Events Industry that I love and helping bring our clients dreams to life. 

I love weddings and being able to help my clients and set the tone for the rest of their lives together. I am excited to meet you and help bring your vision to life!

Hi, I am Ann Marie, Day-Of Coordinator & Assistant

My husband and I have been in the Boise area for a number of years and truly love the community. I am looking forward to helping Erin during events and also creating a calm environment for my Day-Of Clients. To be able to best serve your customer care needs on the day of your event for both you and your VIP's.


Hi, I am Kayla, Assistant at Dreamer

I have known Erin and her family for 2 years now. Reached out to Erin about learning more about the Wedding Planning world from a fellow Vendor friend and we hit it off right from the start and it grew from there. My husband and I have been married for a few short years. 


I am looking forward to helping our Coordinators bring your dreams to reality.

Hi, I am Jordyn, Assistant at Dreamer

I have known Erin for a year now. I started with Dreamer Events last season as an Intern and just love being apart of this team and your Big Days! My husband and two girls have been in the Boise area for a short time and just love it.

I am looking forward to helping our Coordinators to be able to bring your vision to life. 

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Hi, I am Maddie, Intern at Dreamer

I have loved the idea of being a Wedding Planner and met Erin in the most crazy way. Ask me our story one day! I am a teacher by day, my husband and I moved to Boise recently from Washington and really love the community we are building here.

I am looking forward to helping our Coordinators to be able to bringing care to your guest and VIP's.

Hi, I am Laura, Intern at Dreamer

I have been wanting to break into the Wedding Industry and felt why not work my way from the ground up! Really looking forward to being apart of you special day!

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