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Voted "Best" in Idaho by Idahoians for Wedding & Events Planning for 2022!

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Testimonials from Clients...

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She gave me exactly what I wanted and even added more. She didn’t compromise on my desires or style but affirmed me in everything. She also didn’t try to make me change my mind on my desires, but let me have the final say in everything. During the rehearsal dinner and wedding day, she organized everyone and where they needed to be and when. She called together the wedding party during the rehearsal dinner and went over everything they needed to know and where they needed to be. She directed the events and timing of the events on the wedding day so everything happened according to schedule. My family members/wedding party even made comments about how organized she was.

- Emily (Bride)

"I cannot say enough good things about Erin and Dreamer Events. Their expertise and professionalism made the planning process so smooth. I had nothing to worry about on the day of my wedding. Erin ensured I had time to spend with my friends and family while she took care of everything. I would highly recommend this to anyone planning an event!"

- Tori A. (Bride)

..."From beginning to end the process was seamless! Erin saved the day when I was sitting down trying to eat something right before the ceremony. Just before I tucked in Erin told me not to move. I froze. She came over with towels and covered my dress so I didn’t spill anything on it. LOL. Such a small act but it meant the world to me that someone was looking out for me in all aspects on the biggest day of my life. We’ve been married for a little over a month now and our family and friends still tell us how beautiful our day was. Another compliment that we continue to get from the bridal party and guests is the day was smooth. This isn’t something that I would expect guests to pick up on yet they did. I believe that speaks volumes to what Erin and her team are capable of. I hope this review assures you that working with Dreamer Events is really a dream come true. Please consider Erin and her team to make your special day or event as perfect as ours was. I can't picture such a special time in our lives going any other way. We were so blessed to have our special day planned and coordinated by Erin!"

- Kim & John G. (Bride & Groom)

I am so glad we hired Erin o help with my daughter's wedding! She is an organized, hardworking individual. Erin was quick to respond to any questions or requests. She understood the bride's vision and provided several alternatives suggestions with our budget in mind. Erin is kind and extremely professional; the picture of grace under pressure. She coordinated with all of the vendors and kept us informed. She told us where to be and when. I understood that some families may not want to spend the money on planning/coordination services, but having Erin as a resource on the big day (and the months leading up to it) was priceless. I would recommend Erin and her staff at Dreamer Events without hesitation.

- Pat (Mother of the Bride)

"...Planning a wedding is way more difficult than I ever could’ve imagined, but the last few months were a breeze with Erin’s help. She let us in on tips and tricks that we never would’ve thought of and turned what was a bit of a hot mess into perfection! My now husband was pretty skeptical whether having a coordinator was worth it throughout our entire engagement. While we had dinner at our reception, he turned to me and said it was more than worth it, that he was incredibly impressed, and that he couldn’t have imagined doing this without her. If you knew my husband, you’d know it’s SO hard to turn him from a skeptic into a believer, but she did it! Erin, thank you so much for everything! It was a dream come true!!"

- Jessica & Kyle R.(Bride & Groom)

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