Testimonials from Clients...

She gave me exactly what I wanted and even added more. She didn’t compromise on my desires or style but affirmed me in everything. She also didn’t try to make me change my mind on my desires, but let me have the final say in everything. During the rehearsal dinner and wedding day, she organized everyone and where they needed to be and when. She called together the wedding party during the rehearsal dinner and went over everything they needed to know and where they needed to be. She directed the events and timing of the events on the wedding day so everything happened according to schedule. My family members/wedding party even made comments about how organized she was. - Emily (Bride)

 Erin is dedicated to excellence, not being satisfied with just “good enough.”  She is a team player and makes those around her better able to fulfill their part in the event.  She treats people with a high degree of respect and dignity.  Erin is creative and talented and is able to be so within the budget.  She plans on being around for the long haul…she is not just a one time, one event person.  - Brian (YL)

Erin, was instrumental in making my daughter’s wedding day absolutely perfect. When we were considering hiring a wedding coordinator, the choice was obvious to us; we didn’t want anyone but Erin. One of the things I loved about Erin in the planning stages of the wedding was that she was very sensitive to the wants, needs, and the personality of the bride. She didn’t just come in and take over; she asked pointed questions that led to good decisions. She was full of helpful suggestions, and gentle guidance. The day of the wedding showed her true gifts. Erin did more than you could ever expect from an individual; she did it with grace and effortless precision. Erin is unshakable, and she thought of things, down to the smallest details, that we never would have thought of. She was my daughter’s main emotional support on her wedding day, and she stayed until the very end of the wedding ceremony; nothing was beneath her, even cleaning tables when everyone was gone. My daughter and her groom’s every single need fathomable were met by Erin that day, which is exactly what one wants from a wedding coordinator. Erin always goes above and beyond and we were completely overwhelmed by her generosity of spirit. - Denise (Mother of the Bride)